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Kitec Piping Replacement

Kitec® piping and components were used in many condominiums and houses built from 1995 to 2008. Unlike copper, Kitec® tends to burst, sometimes without warning, resulting in high volume flooding affecting surrounding units and significant insurance claims. Therefore, Kitec piping systems have been the subject of many lawsuits across North America. BayPath provides investigation and plumbing design for the replacement of the Kitec piping system and components.


Energy Management

Approximately 35 to 50% of the budget for high-rise condominiums is utility costs. Reducing these costs can significantly improve a corporation’s budget and the common expense fees paid by unit owners.

An energy audit is the first step in making a building energy efficient and finding the energy conservation measures. Energy audits will benefit building owners with a thorough understanding of HOW, WHEN, and where electricity is being used in their buildings. 


Mechanical Retrofit

Our experienced team at BayPath. can assist with performance improvement, enhancing the efficiency of your HVAC system and improving the safety of the building. BayPath offers design for a wide range of mechanical retrofit services across GTA and surrounding areas. Retrofitting makes HVAC systems more reliable, reduces the need for maintenance, and provides more consistent operations throughout the year that results in significant long-term savings for residents.

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Building Repiping

Do you have rusty old pipes with frequent leaking? Is your water is discoloured, smelled or tasted bad? Are you noticing water pressure issues?

If yes, it is probably time for repiping your Building. Our highly skilled team of engineers and project managers at Baypath support the clients throughout the entire repiping project in a building occupied by residents. 

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Backflow Preventer

Backflow can occur when the city water pressure is lower than the building's internal water pressure. To prevent contamination of the city water supply, the city of Toronto has mandated backflow prevention systems and their annual testing for industrial, commercial, institutional and some residential properties.

We provide full design for backflow preventer installation.


Mixing and Balancing Valves

Installation of lead-free valves and mixing valves are new Ontario Building Code requirements. Mixing valves provide regulated domestic water with temperatures up to 120 F by mixing the hot water from a building boiler with cold water. Also, with proper installation of balancing valves, the flow can be adjusted for hot water recirculation lines.


Fan Coil & Heat Pump

Fan coil units provide heating, cooling and ventilation for suites in high-rise buildings. Over time, a lack of light, a high level of humidity, and an ideal temperature will cause a buildup of rust and mould inside the fan coil unit. When the fan coil unit has reached the end of its useful life, it must be replaced with a brand-new Retrofit Fan Coil Unit with anti-mould insulation.  


Booster Pump System

Traditional, buildings have had single-stage pumps that operate continuously with a constant operating speed. Today’s high-efficiency systems instead utilize multi-stage VFD controlled booster pumps that can precisely adjust output as needed during high and low demand periods. As a result, your building can maximize the efficiency of its water pressure system and minimize operating costs with more reliability.  


Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking (EWRB)

Commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and other building types that are 50,000 square feet are required to report their energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions to the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines on an annual basis under the Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) regulation.

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Building Automation System (BAS) 

A building automation system (BAS) is a software program that automatically improves building performance using received data from HVAC equipment and sensors. BAS increases a building’s flexibility to respond to a variety of operating conditions and reduce energy costs. Our crew has the knowledge and the skill to assist and make your building smart. 


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Adding a Variable frequency drive (VFD) to your mechanical equipment will enable you to adjust the operating speed of the motor according to the consumption needs of your building. VFD is an attractive energy management investment that can aggressively increase energy efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs of your mechanical systems.


EV Charging Station 

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer numerous economic and environmental benefits from reducing operating costs to performance advantages, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
EVs need to be charged using either a standard wall socket or an EV charging station.

Our experienced team at BayPath provide design and specification for EV Charger Installation.



Baypath Inc. is an engineering firm licensed by the Association of Professional Engineers Ontario to provide a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and project management services. 


We believe “successful projects are achieved through practical implementation of the theoretical design”. At Baypath, we offer an intimate understanding of design as well as project management experience, in order to ensure successful completion of a project with quality customized solutions that are measured based on our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission 

We serve our clients in the Greater Toronto Area with excellence, cost-effective and top-notch quality services. We serve condominiums, commercial, and residential sectors in the Greater Toronto Area with excellence and efficiency. We complete our retrofit projects with quality workmanship and in a timely manner.

Our  Vision 

To always be the clients' first choice.

Our  Core Values 

  • Client Focused Partnerships

  • Quality Standards

  • Results Driven

  • Cost-effective Services

  • Knowledgeable and Trained Team


Dr. Nima Moallemi, the president of BayPath Inc., has a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering with over a decade of experience in design, construction review, and project management with a focus on HVAC systems and piping replacement projects.
He is also a highly-skilled Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and has earned a reputation for reliable services throughout the GTA. 




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